Welcome to Drakes Pride

Drakes Pride SA was formed in 1998 when we secured the right to distribute Drakes Pride Bowls in Africa (bowls is really only played in former British colonies).  Within 5 years we became the largest and most comprehensive supplier of bowls and allied products in South Africa.  We only do bowls, bowls accessories, and bowls clothing and are therefore specialists in a very niche market.  
Drakes Pride bowls are manufactured in Liverpool, in one of the only 3 lawn bowl factories in the world.  Black and brown bowls are made from a composite Phenolic material, whilst coloured bowls are made largely from Melamine.  All bowls carry a 10 year warranty and the average bowler will only buy one set in his life time, whilst top bowlers may change their bowls every 2 years.  A large source of bowls sales is due to downsizing, often recommended by coaches but also due to aging problems and diseases like arthritis.
Over the years, Drakes Pride bowls have been used in winning competitions in all classes all over the world. We pride ourselves on listening and adapting to the needs and requirements of the 'grass roots' player, without whom the game would not survive.

The company offers all bowlers requisites to the trade, including Bowls, Bags, Accessories, Waterproofs, Clothing and Shoes. Our full range of products is continually being reviewed and improved.